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Creating A Rhythm

Starting each session with an activity that creates attunement is a great way to establish a connection and start playing.  Mirroring your client and commenting about what you SEE starts the rhythm flowing and pulls you both into the therapeutic relationship.  These links offer great energy and music to start things off:

OIP (6).jpg
OIP (9).jpg
OIP (10).jpg
rainbow breathing.jpg

Creating a Rhythm Together with Teens

tree person star.jpg
OIP (1).jpg
lofi hip hop.jpg
A Grounding Meditation into Presence, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Focus, Mindfulness
5 minutes
Intentional Intention Meditation
Gentle breathing, connecting with the body, intentional reflection and focus on joy and peace.
5 minutes

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats

Read Aloud as you both attune to the music and breathing

Sit up tall and close your eyes. Begin breathing deep enough that you can hear your breath. Feel how the breath moves your body, and notice the flow of the breath through your nostrils, in and out of your body. Try to feel the contact of the air with the inside your nose, or how the air touches your upper lip.

Now gradually make the breath much gentler and let it flow naturally but keep listening to its sound. Try not to listen to your thoughts; listen only to your breath.

Whenever you find yourself thinking of other things, come back to your breath.

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