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Art Psychotherapy is not about making fine art. It is  about moving internal experience into the world so it can be shared and understood.  It is about looking, seeing and connecting with projections of self.


Exploring the images together allows non-verbal experience to become symbolized.  Detangling defenses and feelings help us understand impulses.  This allows us to connect with neglected needs and to make better choices to meet these needs.  


Understanding and experiencing the emotions that live underneath anxiety leads to a decrease in symptoms.  The experience helps us strengthen our sense of will and move forward in the right direction.

I am experienced and trained to treat a variety issues.  These include:

- Anxiety & Depression

- Sexual Abuse 

- Complex Trauma & Developmental Trauma

- Developmental Concerns (Encopresis & Enuresis)

- Disordered Eating 

- Transgender and LGBTQ2S+ challenges

- Grief & Loss

- Autism Spectrum Support

- Emotional Regulation

- Life Transitions

My Approach

I am a Registered Canadian Art Therapist with the Canadian Art Therapy Association.  I have been working as an Art Therapist since 2001. I currently work as a Child & Youth Mental Health therapist with children and families and in Private Practice as a therapist, supervisor and consultant. I also have experience supervising Art Therapy students, Art Therapists and others who use art and creative processes in their counseling. 


In my practice I use psychodynamic theory, object relations theory and a phenomenological approach to looking at the art.  This approach offers clients a unique and personalized way of understanding their experience and their symptoms. This approach differs significantly from a medical or behavioral counselling model and moves past symptoms to address the underlying roots of the problem.















Jennifer Schwartz
North Slocan Valley
Silverton, British Columbia

My Approach
I am a registered Canadian Art Therapist ( #126-R-10) with the Canadian Art Therapy Association.  I am also a member of the Center for Object Relations (Seattle, WA) and I am currently training with MBT Mentalization Based Treatment Canada. 
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What is Art Therap

In this video Art Therapist and Masters in Mental Health tutor, Katherine Winlaw takes us through what Art Therapy really entails.
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