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Retreats and Workshops

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" It was an incredible experience for me and addressed many things I am experiencing in my life in a safe environment"
Unearthing Flow and Creative Intelligence

An Art Therapy Experience Group Workshop or Retreat                                                       

An Art Therapy experiential group is a short-term group with a specific directive.  This group serves as an introduction to using art making in a way that encourages flow and creative intelligence.  Participants are encouraged to bring an intention to their practice but then to let that intention go during the art making and see where they go naturally.

Unearthing Flow and Creative Intelligence                                                                    

Creative intelligence involves understanding, practice and ritual. During these workshops my intention is to facilitate art making activity in a way that inspires connection with imagination and soul.  This involves unearthing flow by entering into a space and connecting with the depth of who we are.  In this space we access multiple intelligences (musical, visual-spatial, bodily kinesthetic, linguistic, existential, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic).  In the art making process these movements, ruminations and thoughts are recorded with secondary symbol systems. 


Engagement with the arts in Art Therapy instills a sense of what is possible when we engage with instinctive intelligence.  Creative intelligence is innate and seeds innovation and new ideas and it allows us to find solutions to everyday problems in a non-cognitive way.

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