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Parenting Support

Working with parents makes therapy work.  

Parenting a child who is  neurodivergent or experiencing mental health symptoms requires skill, patience, understanding and creativity. At times this can feel intensely demanding, exhausting and overwhelming.

 I can offer support, knowledge and together we can reach new understandings and find ways to move forward.

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behavioral issues

I utilize a mentalization based approach to help parents reflect on their child's temperament and better understand how they can respond to the whirlwinds of intense emotions and help their child regulate.



Anxiety indicates that there are deeper issues happening for your child that they do not want to face.  It is important to look beyond behaviors and meet your child's needs. Together we can look at what is happening on different levels to find solutions.

These videos from trusted resources are designed to help you better understand why your neurodivergent child is having difficulties and how you can respond differently to help them manage.

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