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Mother and Child

Therapeutic Stories 

Stories help us bond and connect physically, mentally, and spiritually with children.  Therapeutic stories illustrate complex psychological processes in story form.  When read together with a safe adult they open doors to conversations about important topics.


Stories show children that they are not alone when they have had challenging feelings or experiences. They help children connect with parts of themselves that will help them solve their problems.


Children who are not ready to talk about their own feelings and problems can easily talk about how the character feels. This allows parents to connect with their child about the issue without the child feeling overwhelmed.

Stories about Elimination Challenges

Withholding, constipation, accidents and bedwetting are all connected to developmental processes of autonomy, resistance and separation.  Reading these stories will help let your child know that you want to support and help them master this stage of development. 

it hurts when I poop.png

Ryan is scared to use the potty because he is afraid it's going to hurt and starts to withhold his poo until he has a tummy ache. The doctor offers a story about trash building up inside a house until the owner has to take charge.

Stories about Anxieties

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